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Start Flowing

With our Mixing services, we ensure that your songs will sound great after your recording. Send your audio stems and we will do the rest. Start with just a single or receive discounts for EP’s and Albums.

Mixing Rates

Our rates are as seen below. We take payment in any currency but £ sterling is what we use in the UK. Please get in touch if you are looking for more than 10 songs.

Songs Cost
1 £99
2 £199
3 £249
4 £349
5 £449
6 £549
7 £649
8 £749
9 £849
10 £949
11+ Contact Us

Submit for Mixing

Fill out the form below to send your songs off to us. If you need some more info or a free mastering sample then leave out the file link for now and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We recommend using WeTransfer to [email protected] - No link needed if sending this way.
The more you purchase at the same time, the larger the discount.
*Only applies to mastering work.