Increasing Spotify Followers with Audiopeak

Need help with improving your Spotify fan engagement? This handy guide will help boost your listeners and followers on the platform.

The music industry has changed a lot over the last 10-15 years. With the introduction of digital streaming services, there has been a large shift in where people listen to music. It’s no secret that (as of May 2018), the top players are Spotify and Apple Music.

As of April 2018, Apple Music announced 40 million active subscriptions; who are steadily catching up on Spotify on 71 million.

Here is a quick overview of our service – Spotify One-Click

  • A musician enters a Spotify release URL, Artist page and their essential playlist.
  • Subscription based hosting at $5 per month/per campaign.
  • Provides you with a landing page, one-click button, audio preview, Apple Music link, embed widget, short URL, re-marketing integration and press card.
  • Share URL with fans quickly on social media. Allows them to follow playlist, artist and save release to their library with a single click.
  • Press card includes a pop-up on each landing page with Songkick tour dates, biography, artwork, social media links and video.
  • Additional custom built websites powered by Audiopeak’s tools – Spotify One-click, Tour dates, Instagram feeds and more.

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