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Frequently Asked Questions

To upload stems online, there are many sites which you can use that are free and fast. AudioPeak’s recommended choice would be WeTransfer – You can upload up to 2GB files at once and no signup is required. Mediafire is also another good alternative.
You are probably here as you have discovered your music is not quite there, sonically and tonally. With our services we can clean up tracks and shape them to fit better in the mix. Using creative elements such as reverbs and delays, we can enhance and make your tracks sound full and complete.

Mastering methods are used to make sure any unwanted frequencies are removed. Multi-band limiting is used to keep songs dynamic and loud enough for radio play. If you are still not sure, why not check out our client section or request your own sample.
It completely depends on the amount of work needed done and clients that I’m working on at the time. It can take anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. You will be kept up to date with progress via email.
It depends on your needs. A full mix/master will allow me to mix separate components in the mix, resulting in a better outcome. Mastering only will limit me to the one audio file and less control in final sound. Check out the rates for some great packages!
We currently take payments via Stripe. This allows overseas payments via Visa/Debit and various other card providers. You will recieve an invoice to pay in full if you would like to proceed after the sample. You can read more about Stripe here.
A revision is any small changes that are needed after the final mix/master is sent to you. Changes such as level or tweaks are only accepted. Any large changes such as additional tracks are not accepted. AudioPeak reserve the right to a fee for further large revisions.
As AudioPeak is currently only run by one engineer, I find that these prices suit my need. I have achieved a BSc degree in Music Technology with distinction. I have also mixed and mastered over 30 different clients/songs in the last 7 years and worked in studios in the UK and Canada. You can find some of the people I’ve worked with on the projects page.
There are too many DAW’s to be able to give a definite answer, over the coming month I will be making tutorials for the most popular. For the time being please refer to the DAW’s manual or search for ‘Stem exporting’ for your particular DAW on YouTube.
Files are stored in the cloud for 1 year after completion date. Any changes to projects after this expiration date, will require another complete full mix/master.
If you are unhappy with the work, there is always two revisions in which you can ask to make slight alterations. However no full refunds will be accepted. If you are worried before, please ask for a sample in the contact form.
Yes! I work full time at an agency in Scotland, UK, however I am also available for freelance work to build your artists website. Please visit my personal page for more info.